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Peruvian Dancing Horse

History of Ancestors

The Peruvian Paso Horse
A Cadillac and a Pickup Truck

by Donna Bearer
Today there are only about 40,000 Peruvian horses in existence in the world, and about three-fourths of them are currently in the United States.

   The single most important breeding stallion in modern history has been *Sol de Oro (V). Every National Champion of Champions Stallion in Peru since 1961 has carried his blood and his name is prominent in the bloodlines of almost every U.S. National Champion horse since 1973.

   A tremendous break for American breeders of Peruvian horses came in 1972 when John Delozier and Angle Schmidt of Thunder-bird Ranch brought *Piloto, the Champion Peruvian Breeding Stallion, to this country. A son of Sol de Oro (V), *Piloto and his line have been the foundation stock for many successful breeders in the United States for the past twenty years.

   A list of the top ten producing stallions since 1980 showed *Piloto as the number two producer of champions in the United States. An extraordinary accomplishment for a horse that died in 1985.

Merengue JC History of His Breeding

Merengue is out of Lambada JC by C.F.F. Devocion.Merengue's heritage includes Sol de Oro (V) the stallion that is considered the foundation of all modern Peruvian Horses. His heritage also includes many National Champion of Peru



Sol de Oro (V) - Great Great Grand Father

Sire: Potro de Calapall  Dam: Yegua de Francisco Degregori Birthdate:  January 1, 1945 Deceased:

Bred By: Alfredo Elias V of Ica, Peru  Color: Chestnut

The horse who is considered by many to be the greatest Peruvian Paso sire of all time was southern Peru's Sol de Oro. This horse might well have lived out his life as a crippled scrub horse in the mountains of southern Peru, had it not been for a man by the name of Gustavo de la Borda. The discovery and subsequent use of Sol de Oro is another of those stories bordering on miraculous.

Every National Champion of Champions in Peru since 1961 has carried Sol de Oro (V)'s blood; it has also flowed through every U. S. Champion of Champions since 1973.

From an article written by Brenda Imus entitled "Predestined for Greatness" and originally appearing in the Fall 1993 issue of 4 Beat magazine


*PILOTO -  Great Great Great Grandfather

Sire: Sol de OroV

Dam: Centella Birthdate: March 10, 1957 Deceased: October 1985  

Bred By: Alfedo Elias V of Ica, Peru   Color: Chestnut


In the world of Peruvian Paso horses, wherever breeders or aficionados gather to discuss famous stallions/ there is always agreement on one special horse - *Piloto. He is truly a legend in the recent history of the breed. For over thirty years *Piloto and his line have been an important part of modern foundation stock for successful breeders here in the United States and in Peru.

He was considered by most to be the leading Peruvian Paso sire in the world.


*Mantequilla – Great Great Grandfather

Sire: *Piloto Dam: Limena  Birthdate: October 1, 1960  Deceased: June 1982

Bred By: Alfredo Elias V of Ica, Peru   Color: Palomino


It is *Piloto's impressive record as a sire of Champion horses that has made him a true legend. It all began in Peru in 1965 when his first son, *Mantequilla, was crowned National Champion of Champions .Stallion In his era, *Mantequilla was a national hero in Peru. His photograph could be found in magazines newspapers. advertisements and on record jackets. Peruvians of all social classes recognized him instantly whenever he appeared in parades or exhibitions.


But he was not accepted well by many of the Peruvian breeders. They downgraded him because of his size and color. To me, it was all the more proof of his extraordinary quality that a horse with two such handicaps could climb high, a National Champion of Champions.


Principe de la Solana - Great Grandfather

National Reserve Champion Stallion & consistently on the Top Ten Sire List

Owned by Fletcher & Janetta Michael


Fifth top sire in North America  NAPHA


Palomo - Great Great Grandfather




 *Resalado - Great Grandmother

1975 US National Champion and Reserve Champion Junior Horses – Stallion


1983 AAOBPPH US National Pleasure Division Champion of Champions – Stallion

1983 US National Pleasure Division Champions – Stallion


*Hercules  - Great Great Grandfather

1973 AAOBPPH US National Breeding and Luxury Division Champion of Champions – Stallion

1973- AAOBPPH US National Breeding and Luxury Division Champions


*Faraon – Great Grandmother

1973 US National Pleasure Division Champions – Mare

1978 AAOBPPH US National Breeding and Luxury Division Champions – Mare


El Zar - Grandfather

1985 US National Best of Show Horses - Gaited, Bozal, and Trail – Stallion

1985 US National Champion and Reserve Champion Junior Horses – Reserve Stallion


El Senador  Great Grandfather

1981 US National Champion and Reserve Champion Junior Horses – Stallion

Challenges in Breeding Peruvian Paso Horses

By: Raul Risso

I believe that presently we have a more diversified, wider genetic pool in the USA than in Peru. This is not due to the fact that the USA has the largest Registry in the world, rather that an elite group of many outstanding horses, in particular stallions such as Piloto, Laurel, Hercules, Mantequilla, Palomo, HNS Domingo, AEV Cascabel, FG Candela and others, were exported from Peru and left little or no descendants in that country before their departure. Others born in the USA, such as Principe de la Solana, El Palomilla, RDS Me Llamo Peru, Antares, Soberano, etc., have made a stamp in many breeding programs in North America.


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